Don’t Get Shocked by High Electrical Costs

Don’t Get Shocked by High Electrical Costs

Commercial electrical services in Montgomery, AL

Bring the power back into your business – literally. When you need a commercial electrician in the Montgomery, AL area, call Trustworthy Electric. Our crew will:

  • Install electrical wiring in your building
  • Design and maintain your lighting layout
  • Set up your security, exit and emergency lighting
  • Install backup power for your building
  • Hook up your heavy equipment
  • Install fluorescent lighting in your office
  • Repair your landscape lighting
  • Generator installation
  • Rewiring
Brighten up your business today by calling Trustworthy Electric. Our office is based in Montgomery, AL, and we serve businesses all over the state.

Call 334-215-1782 to schedule service.

3 ways to reduce your business’s energy bill

Do you think your company spends too much money on electricity? You could be right.

Here are three ways to reduce your monthly electric bill:

1. Have your company audited.
Your utility company may offer free auditing services, or you can hire an independent auditor.
Your auditor will check to make sure you’re using energy efficiently and will give you tips for cutting back.

2. Turn off and unplug equipment after working hours.
Your microwaves, coffee makers and air conditioners don’t need to draw power when no one is in the building.

3. Turn off lights you’re not using. Empty conference rooms don’t need to be brightly lit.
Switch off the lights when everyone leaves the room.

We’ve got a lot of tips like these to share.
Call on the pros at Trustworthy Electric to make your business more energy-efficient.