It's Time to Lighten Up Your Home

It's Time to Lighten Up Your Home

Schedule retrofitting service in Prattville or Montgomery, AL

Ready to update the lighting in your house? Get in touch with Trustworthy Electric today. We offer a range of retrofitting services in Montgomery, AL and the surrounding area. This process allows us to update your existing lighting fixtures to make them more energy-efficient.

Call us today at 334-215-1782 to learn more about retrofit lighting services.

Why should you choose retrofitting?

If you're ready to revamp the lighting in your home, reach out to Trustworthy Electric today. We're a leading retrofit lighting company in Montgomery, AL. You should choose us because:

  • We can retrofit your existing features to use LED lighting.
  • We can adjust your existing lights to add more light to dark areas of your house.
  • We can help you lower your energy bill by installing more energy-efficient lighting features and reducing the amount of power required to light your home.
Whatever your lighting needs might be, you can count on Trustworthy Electric to help. We'll brighten up your home with energy-efficient lighting for a price that fits your budget.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our retrofit lighting contractor.