Illuminate Your Montgomery, AL Home

Illuminate Your Montgomery, AL Home

We’ll handle your lighting installation & landscape lighting

Make your dream home shine brightly. Trustworthy Electric let there be light in every room of your new house. Our talented electricians can install:

  • General wiring & rewiring
  • Security lighting
  • Recessed and track lighting
  • Landscape and pool lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Generator installation & backup power
Are you unsure what type of lighting you need? Let us help you design the best way to illuminate your home. We will also run regular maintenance checks to make sure everything operates correctly. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.

5 signs you should call an electrician

Do you think you might have an issue with your electrical wiring?
Read about these five common issues in home electrical systems:

1. Your lights flicker or dim. Often, this means you have a bad circuit connection.

2. Your fixtures and switches are warm to the touch.
This could mean too much power runs through them.

3. Your breakers are tripping. This is usually caused by an overload of electricity.
Call an electrician before it becomes a fire risk.

4. Your outlets are dead. Poor connections or tripped breakers often cause outlets to become inoperative.

5. Your light bulbs keep burning out. A loose connection in your socket or circuit can cause lights to burn out quickly.

Whatever the problem may be, the experienced crew at Trustworthy Electric will fix things up in no time.
Call 334-215-1782 today to learn more.